File Prep

This page will assist in guiding you through the requirements to produce a high quality print. Following this guide will help to expedite the file prep process and ensure that you receive your order in a timely manor. Artwork submitted disregarding these guidelines may result in a delay or additional art charges. For any questions regarding artwork submissions please contact us at

Vector / Hi-Res Art

For the best quality print we request that you submit vector or hi-res(300 dpi) artwork sized to print. If low-res(72 dpi) artwork is submitted, it will result in a low quality, pixelated or blurry print. Artwork created at 72 dpi is intended to be displayed on the web. Increasing the resolution of a low-res(72 dpi) file to 300 pixels/inch in Adobe Photoshop does not make your artwork hi-res and will result in a blurry image. Vector artwork that has been created in Adobe Illustrator is preferred because these graphics can be scaled without loss of quality.


Size To Print

When submitting your artwork please make sure that it is sized to the dimensions you intend it to be printed. If you want your artwork printed at 12” wide, make sure that it is 12” wide in the file you submit. This should be the measurement of the actual artwork and not the background, canvas or artboard. The largest your artwork can be printed will be determined by the smallest garment in the print run.

Maximum Print Dimensions
Standard: 14″ x 19″
Oversize: 18″ x 27″(72 piece minimum)

Text and Fonts

Before submitting your artwork please convert your text to outlines when working in Adobe Illustrator or rasterize your type when working in Adobe Photoshop. To outline text in Adobe Illustrator select your text and click on “Type” in the menu bar and select “Create Outlines” from the drop down menu. To rasterize text in Adobe Photoshop select your text layer(s) and click on “Type” in the menu bar and select “Rasterize Type Layer.”

Preferred File Types

We can typically work with any image file, but our primary preference is to receive vector artwork as an .ai or .eps file. Raster artwork should be submitted as a hi-res(300 dpi) .psd file. Other acceptable file types include .pdf, .tiff, .jpeg and .png.

File Submission

Please submit artwork via out Upload Artwork page.